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Published: 28th February 2011
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The French invented fashion, but itís been an really long time since theyíve had any possession of it. Paris, at one time the cradle of Western culture, lost its title over the past century as young upstarts like New York came along and took it away. It is reassuring then, that Eleven Paris is here to ease our fears. As the name suggests, itís a Parisian brand. But itís about as far removed from any French archetype you might dream up as it is possible to be.

They have made their name not by rejecting but embracing the contenders from New York and in doing this, they have shaped some of the coolest designs currently available on the market. These are styles that could have come from any town on the globe, but they could only have come from one label, and thatís Eleven Paris.

The best way to talk about a designer like this one is to take particular examples: So follow me as I take you on a guided tour of Parisís coolest fashion house.

We canít talk about Eleven Paris without talking about their stencilled t shirts. They have a range of these, but there are themes common to all of them all of them: women with blonde hair, rave colours and a great sense of humour. The first of these is a tee depicting the Blondie singer and punk icon Deborah Harry. The high-contrast stencilling renders her hair a flaming yellow, and this is accentuated beautifully by thick, black spectacles. A stunning design.

The next stencil carries an image of Angelina Jolie, whose hair has been cheekily coloured a flourescent blonde. This juxtaposition of the brunette celebrity, painted in a bright, slapdash style makes for an enduring picture that will stick in peopleís heads long after theyíve seen it.

Amongst the other Eleven Paris stencils are a design with the model Kate Moss and a rather rude little design showing HRH the Queen covering up her face like a bandit. These are shirts for those people who like something that says something statement, and likes to give others something to laugh about. These shirts are definitely a talking point.

Perhaps, however, youíre worried that wearing these t shirts are a bit of a show-off. Theyíre not for the meek, thatís for sure! Itís fortunate then that Eleven Paris have produced an altenative range of plain Ďbig Ví tees. These basic-level tees come in cyan, grey, navy, white and magenta. If you prefer something with a little more pizzazz, they also offer two-level tees in grey, white and purple.

Lastly, we should talk about checked shirts they have on offer. Now, most labels seem to be offering variations on the checked shirt nowadays, so it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, Eleven Paris have produced just that.

What they have done is taken the conventional form of the checked shirt and - rather than going for the American country style that most designers go for - have infused it with dazzling colours. Pinks, purples, crimsons and bright greens permeate the fabric, weaving a shirt that makes people do a double take.

With their daring new ranges, Eleven Paris have made France shocking again. And weíve had a long wait since 1889.

Than is a fashion writer for rising menswear website Sa-kis. Sa-kis sells many designer clothing brands, including Eleven Paris.

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